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Jenelle Evans finally confirms pregnancy, and she’s already picked a name

In true Teen Mom fashion, Jenelle Evans rode the waves of speculation for several months before finally confirming that she is in fact pregnant with her third child with partner David Eason.

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It seemed pretty certain that Evans was expecting back in July when she was involved in a car accident and reports were leaked that she was transported to a medical center following complaints of abdominal pain.

A couple of months before the accident, Evans was already having to shut down pregnancy rumors, using Twitter as a platform to set the record straight and tell fans that she wasn’t engaged or pregnant, just “eating a lot.”

But she’s decided it’s time to share the happy news, and she shared a cute pic on Instagram Friday with a triple-whammy revelation: It’s a baby girl, she’s going to be called Ensley Jolie Eason, and her due date is Jan. 28.

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Ensley’s an unusual baby girl name choice, for sure — so much so that it’s pretty much impossible to find a meaning for it. Nonetheless, it’s slowly creeping up the baby girl name chart. In 1997, only two babies per million were named Ensley; in 2015, the figure was 40 babies per million. It’s similar to the more popular baby girl name Ainsley, a Scottish name meaning “one’s own meadow.”

Ensley will be little sister to Evans’ sons, 7-year-old son Jace and 2-year-old Kaiser, and to Eason’s 9-year-old daughter Maryssa.

Evans and Eason have been dating since last fall, not long after Evans split from Nathan Griffith, Kaiser’s dad. Jace’s dad is her ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis, meaning that when Ensley is born, the Teen Mom 2 star will have three children to three different men.

Can you hear the thunder of laptop keyboards around the world as the judgers reveal their disgust at Evans’ latest news? Jeez, she’s 24 with two different baby daddies already — she should just go and become a nun, no?

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The criticism is predictable, but what’s also a given is that this particular reality TV star will take it all in stride. She seems overjoyed to be having a baby with Eason, and we wish her all the luck in the world.

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