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Regal baby names from Roman mythology for boys

If you’re looking for a unique name for your baby-to-be, these ancient Roman mythology baby boy names may be exactly what you’re looking for.

While Roman names may not be a top pick of many expectant parents, there is still a ton of value in names from ancient Roman myths and legends. Many of these names are immediately familiar to you — after all, the names of the planets of our solar system come directly from Roman mythology. And while you may think it’s strange to name a kid after a planet (or, as in this case, a Roman god), it can actually be an excellent source for the most unique baby name ever.

If you’re not feeling these names, you could instead use them as an inspirational jumping-off point. Jupiter may be pretty out-there, but what about one of Jupiter’s other names — Jove? Mars sounds like, well, Mars, but it also sounds like Mark or Marcus.

There are also a couple of names that have a boxing connotation. Apollo Creed was a character in the first four films of the Rocky franchise. Evander, the name of a Roman god and hero, is also the name of popular boxer Evander Holyfield.

No matter what baby names suit your style, you may find the perfect one right here.

  • Apollo: God of music, poetry and art
  • Evander: Hero and founder of the city of Pallantium
  • Faunus: God of fertility, forests and agriculture
  • Fons: God of wells and springs
  • Honos: God of military honors
  • Janus: God of beginnings, endings, doorways and keys
  • Jove: Another name for Jupiter, king of the gods
  • Jupiter: King of the gods
  • Liber: God of wine, fertility and freedom
  • Mars: God of war
  • Mercury: God of commerce, travelers, luck and trickery
  • Mithras: Name of an Iranian/Persian god worshipped by Roman soldiers
  • Neptune: God of the seas
  • Numitor: Grandfather of Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome
  • Orcus: God of the underworld
  • Pluto: God of the underworld
  • Remus: One of the founders of Rome
  • Romulus: One of the founders of Rome
  • Saturn: God of agriculture, liberation and time
  • Sol: Solar deity
  • Somnus: God of sleep
  • Sors: God of luck
  • Volturnus: God of the waters
  • Vulcan: God of fire and the forge

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