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If Farrah Abraham can’t manage her kid’s modeling career, who can?

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham gets a massive amount of flak for her parenting decisions (and plenty of other lifestyle choices), but when it comes to her daughter Sophia’s modeling career, she’s actually pretty screwed on. Which is nothing less than you’d expect from a caring, protective mom, right?

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Abraham revealed that 7-year-old Sophia’s first runway opportunity was in New York in February 2016, which opened many other doors in the fashion industry.

Following the show for children’s designers at New York Fashion Week, Sophia has appeared several times in an Orlando kids’ model magazine. But as much as Abraham is encouraging her daughter to grab great opportunities that come her way, she’s also mindful of keeping it fun and doesn’t want her to take on too much work at one time. Abraham doesn’t even have an agent for Sophia, preferring to vet all offers of work herself and favoring jobs with people she already knows.

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When you think about it, Abraham is in the ideal position to make the right career decisions for her daughter until she’s old enough to make them herself. The 16 & Pregnant alum has had many ups and downs since she first became a reality TV star, so she can use those experiences to guide Sophia.

But apart from that, she’s Sophia’s mom. And as moms, we instinctively know what’s right for our kids and use that gut feeling to make decisions on their behalf. Anyone who doesn’t think Abraham is acting in her kid’s best interest is entitled to that opinion, but nobody is in a position to judge another parent for their decisions when their child is clearly happy and healthy.

Love her or loathe her, Abraham has firmly established herself as a canny businesswoman and one of the most successful reality TV stars of her generation. And it seems that her young daughter may be following in her entrepreneurial footsteps — Sophia is opening her first clothing boutique, Sophia Laurent, in Austin, Texas, in September.

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Abraham has every right to be proud of her daughter, and hopefully, if the young girl decides she wants a break from the fashion world, her mom will support her decision 100 percent. In the meantime, let’s trust that as her mom, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

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