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Pregnancy bed rest is no joke but it doesn’t have to suck

Carrie Willard

While pregnant with my seventh child, I was diagnosed was PPROM, which is preterm premature rupture of membranes. In layman’s terms, my water broke months before my son’s due date. I followed doctor’s orders and stayed in bed as much as possible.

Bed rest, especially while trying to run a household and parent my other six children, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. While every mom dreams of a staycation in bed, no one in her right mind wants this situation to continue longer than a day or two. Months-long bed rest is a difficult, frustrating thing. If you have a friend who’s stuck at home or if you need a list to send to friends while you’re on bed rest, here’s what I would have loved to have while I waited out my pregnancy.

1. Help her be less bored

The boredom is strong with bed rest and it’s hard to beat. An gift card goes a long way toward renting movies or buying e-books to keep a girl entertained.

2. Take a responsibility off her plate

Offer to take her kids to the park or just outside to play. A mom on bedrest, trying to do the right thing by her unborn child, is suffering tremendous guilt worrying about her other kids. Taking them somewhere to burn off energy will help relieve this suffering.

3. Help her feel girly again

Paint her fingernails or toenails. Who doesn’t cheer up a little when they feel pretty? And we all know how hard it is to reach your toes when you’re pregnant.

4. Make her laugh

Bring her funny DVDs. Bed rest can cause depression. Laughing will help keep her from crying.

5. Help with the aches and pains

Massage her back or feet. Bed rest, due to the obvious lack of movement, can causes aches and pains. Massage is also an antidepressant (see above).

6. Feed her

Bring meals in disposable containers so nobody has to worry about getting containers back to you. The meals my friends brought my husband during my confinement were a true blessing. During a stressful time, nobody needs to worry about whose casserole dish is whose.

But if you’re bringing food, don’t bring spaghetti. Trust me on this. Everybody else brings spaghetti too. Mix it up a little!

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