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Turns out you really don’t want to mess with Kevin Smith’s teenage daughter

There’s something about the relationship between a father and his teenage daughter. Basically, you don’t want to mess. Especially if that father is movie director Kevin Smith.

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When Smith’s 17-year-old daughter Harley Quinn got pretty much the vilest Instagram message ever, Smith didn’t hold back. He shared the disgusting comment (which called the teen girl “ugly as shit” and said “you’re cancer and I sincerely hope you end up like Lindsay Lohan and dead”) and gave the nasty piece of work a taste of his own medicine. And then some.

Smith’s “free advice for folks like this Troll” is actually genius. He suggests that the hater make better use of their time by making their own dreams come true instead of going after those who are simply doing just that.

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Smith has the defensive dad thing down pat, but he also offers really good advice to the person he describes as “creatively and emotionally bankrupt” (BTW, we couldn’t agree more on that point.) 

Instead of fighting back with insults, Smith has clearly taken some time to think about how he can, um, constructively criticize. It must have been hard for him to hold back when his teenage daughter had been abused so viciously, but major props to him for keeping his cool — just about.

In fact, Smith’s advice for “this Troll” is advice everyone should pay attention to. He’s basically saying to forget about what everyone else is doing and go do your own thing. Don’t put other folks down for achieving good stuff — be inspired and go achieve your own good stuff. Strive to make people happy, not sad. Make them proud, not embarrassed. But do it for nobody but yourself.

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And above all, remember that “attacking teen girls on the Internet is the saddest form of masturbation that exists and requires no discernible skill or talent.”


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