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This mom’s warning to her husband makes us feel much better about our kids

A letter from a mom of six to her husband has gone viral for one simple reason: We can all relate to it on so many levels.

Before she went on a girls’ weekend away from her hubby and kids, 36-year-old Meghan Oeser from Illinois left Kevin, 33, a detailed note about what to expect in her absence — and how best to deal with it.

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Because Kevin juggles working 12-hour days and working on the family’s new lake house, it was his first weekend at home alone with their youngest child in three years. Oeser began the letter by explaining how to set up her diffuser, but it quickly spiraled into something way, way bigger.

Right away it sets the tone and makes every single mom feel a little better about their own chaos. “Nighttime, daytime, breakfast time, and somewhere around lunchtime can easily be mistaken for pure HELL, with Satan coming off as a My Little Pony in comparison.”

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However many kids you have — the Oesers have five girls, aged 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12, and one 15-year-old boy — you’ll be able to relate to some aspect of this letter. We’ve all looked at our homes and thought, when exactly did this turn into a bomb site? We’ve all looked at our kid and thought, why the hell won’t you just eat what’s in front of you? And we’ve definitely all felt at some point during the course of a day — and possibly more than once — that we actually were in “hell hour.”

This is exactly why we love this so much. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s not sugar-coated stories in a glossy magazine or the perfect picture of family bliss we take from too many parenting books. It shines a light on the reality of being a parent. The relentless struggles we all endure, day after day and night after night, because our kids are complex and fickle and overdramatic and unpredictable. Why do we do it? Because, as Oeser says, “We honestly love it.”

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