This Teen Mom's birth plan makes a whole lotta sense

Aug 16, 2016 at 11:19 a.m. ET

One of the most important parts of pregnancy is figuring out how you want to give birth. In the movies, birth always takes place in the hospital and usually features chaos and an angry woman screaming for an epidural. In reality, women have a lot more options when it comes to how we have our babies. Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has been considering those options as she prepares for a new baby with fiancé Cole DeBoer, and she just shared a birth plan with her fans that includes a few surprises.

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A fan on Twitter asked Houska if she's planning to try for a home birth, but the reality star said she's way "too nervous" to give birth that way. Instead, she explained, she's hoping for a natural, intervention-free birth in a hospital setting. She even revealed that she's been reading up on hypnobirthing, which is basically just a fancy-sounding name for a natural birth in which the laboring mom uses hypnotic relaxation techniques to cope with her pain and stress.

Fans were surprisingly receptive to Houska's big reveal. Dozens of them wished her luck and shared their own stories of having successful natural births. One even tweeted to her, "You can do it! The worst part is pushing... Feels like a blow torch when the baby comes out." That's the most LOL-worthy and accurate description of birthing, ever.

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Houska announced her pregnancy just a month ago, so it's fantastic that she's already spending time researching and figuring out what will make her most comfortable during labor. A birth plan definitely isn't a guarantee of how things will play out, but it can go a long way toward easing women's anxieties about the birthing process. Plus, it never hurts to educate yourself on different labor techniques and to have a rough idea of how you'd like things to go down.

Labor is a beautiful and often empowering act, but it's also a situation where anything can happen. Sometimes the birthing process moves faster or slower than new moms expect, or it's way more painful than they imagined it would be. Occasionally emergencies even happen that require interventions women never expected. It's helpful to know as much as you possibly can about labor and delivery, not only so you can get the experience you want, but also so you have the ability to make informed decisions no matter what happens. Birth plans help women prepare and feel more in control.

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Houska is due in February, and hopefully everything in her upcoming birth will go according to her plans. But even if things change, she's clearly well-versed about her options and is keeping an open mind about the whole process, and that's the most important part of any labor scenario. She obviously knows exactly what she wants. Now all she has to do is find the right birthing playlist to go along with her meditation and breathing techniques.

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