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The party’s over when a mum is birthday-cake shamed on Facebook

When we first read about the birthday cake Mia Freedman chose for her 8-year-old son, our first thought was, “What a friggin’ awesome mum.”

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But not everyone approved of the “smash” cake Freedman gave her boy on his special day. Made by Sydney Smash Cakes, it was filled with lollies and had to be broken open — in this case, a rolling pin was the tool of choice to smash the chocolate shell. A cross between a birthday cake and a piñata, if you like.

A video posted to Freedman’s Facebook page shows her son and his party guests grabbing at the sweets inside the cake as soon as it was smashed open. Uh, because they’re 8-year-olds, right?

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Unfortunately, this was only one reason for the heated debate that ensued on the mum’s Facebook page. Another was the fact that the concept of the cake “encourages violence.” And the fact that Freedman didn’t bake it herself. And the fact that it cost $120 (actually, she didn’t pay for it, but what does the truth matter when people want to hate?).

Yes, that’s a whole lot of birthday-cake shaming.

One commenter described the cake as “an unfunny, horrible replacement for traditional cakes.” Another said watching the video “made the child in me so stressed.” “Holy crap,” remarked another killjoy. “That would be enough for me to never have a kids party ever again. What an awful concept on so many levels.”

We’re pretty sure none of the kids at the party went home emotionally scarred from seeing their friend brandish a rolling pin or from not getting as many lollies as the little boy with quicker fingers. We’re pretty sure Freedman made sure all the kids had plenty of sweets to take home. We’re pretty sure the kids loved the smash birthday cake. We’re pretty sure this was a massive fuss over nothing. We’re pretty sure some people out there need to chill the hell out.

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If you’re interested in encouraging violence at your kid’s birthday party,* visit Sydney Smash Cakes.

*or giving your kid an awesome cake and being the coolest parent ever

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