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Adorable and awesome names for baby girls that start with A

There are oodles of baby names to pick through when you’re expecting. Some moms-to-be have a super-easy time deciding on the perfect one, but for others, it can be a long-drawn-out process, where more names are thrown out than make it to the “maybe” list.

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This baby name list is perfect for those who are looking for a baby name but aren’t totally sure where to go. While they all do begin with the letter A, there are many, many different types of baby names represented here. You’ll see cool vintage names, such as Agatha, as well as a few traditional favorites that are coming back into style, such as Aubrey and Audrey. Don’t forget supercute nickname baby names like Abby and Angie. You’ll also note a few pop culture or literary names like Arwen and Arya, and several unique possibilities, such as Abena and Avita.

No matter your style, you’ll probably find a few to add to your list of “possibles” for your baby-to-be.

Baby names for girls that start with A
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Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

celeb baby names
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