5 reasons I'm passing on the homeschooling tradition to my kids

Aug 17, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. ET
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My husband and I were both homeschooled, and it gave us a big head start on adult life. That made the choice to homeschool our own kids easy as we had loved and benefited from it ourselves. Here are some of the reasons we've made the decision to pass on the homeschooling tradition to our kids.

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1. We finished high school early

My senior year of high school, I had one math class left to finish. No English, history or science because I had already completed those courses. I got a job hundreds of miles away from home working for a nonprofit. I finished school, was accepted to my college of choice and got two years of work in before college. My husband started working in his field his senior year of high school and was able to obtain several internships and ended up several years ahead of his peers who couldn't do this because of school obligations.

These days, my kids finish their school day way before our public school neighbors. Experts keep touting the advantages of play for children, and I'm able to give my children more of it. We still follow a traditional grade schedule for curriculum, but with only one child per grade, we're able to get our work done way faster than their public school peers. Also, I'm able to focus more directly on what each child needs or wants. For example, I can give my oldest lots of extra science because that's what she wants!

We have a few years to go since my kids are just in elementary school, but we're laying a great foundation for good independent study skills, and we're well on our way for early college and/or career readiness.

2. No college debt

Because we were both able to start working early and my husband took a more nontraditional route to education, we both finished our education with no college debt. That's a huge jump start on adult life! And while I can't guarantee that my kids will have no college debt, we do have more time to work on those things that could result in a scholarship. And once they're of working age, they'll have a more flexible schedule compared to their peers, which makes getting that first job just a little bit easier.

3. We test really well

Essentially, as a homeschooler, I'm competing with the test. As a result, both my husband and I did quite well on any standardized test. I aced my SAT and a few other tests, and my husband did just as well on his.

My kids participate in our state's yearly testing because I like to know how they're comparing to other kids and I want them comfortable taking a test in a classroom setting. However, we don't put any pressure on them for it as I haven't told them yet that these tests are graded. Once a year, my kids just basically have a blast meeting new friends and filling in bubbles!

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4. Responsibility for my own education

I either did the work or no one did. I learned to work hard and do my best. Also, my husband isn't afraid to work hard and be the best he can be in his field because if he's not doing it, who else is going to? That attitude has led to us getting and keeping jobs with ease.

I'm teaching my kids the same good work ethic, individuality and the joys of truly excelling in something. Homeschooling gives me extra time with my children to teach them how to succeed in life.

5. More time with friends

I'm in homeschool groups, and I know my kids' friends' parents. We're able to do lots of fun things together, like go to museums, to parks and on camping trips because childhood is less fun without friends. And friends are so important for every stage of life.

I have benefited so much from homeschooling, and I want my kids to do the same.

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