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Farrah Abraham fights for her right to… let her 7-year-old wear makeup

Farrah Abraham is under fire for her parenting decisions yet again. In her recent interview with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss from the Allegedly podcast, the Teen Mom OG star revealed that she had fought for her daughter Sophia’s right to wear makeup to school.

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Abraham said she had been called to the elementary school by the principal and given a hard time about the fact that 7-year-old Sophia was wearing makeup.

She defended her decision and pointed out that “when your kids are 5 or 6, they already start playing with makeup.” Her argument was that if teaching staff wore makeup to school, little girls should be allowed to wear it too. While it’s true that young kids often want to imitate adults, her argument isn’t the strongest one. Children shouldn’t be allowed to do something just because adults do it.

It’s perfectly natural for some little girls — and boys too — to want to experiment with a parent’s makeup. It’s not harmful, and it can even be a fun bonding experience.

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The worry is that a very young child with a full face of makeup looks older than her age, which can lead to early sexualization. It’s up to the parent, therefore, to decide what’s appropriate and what’s not. Is there really anything wrong with a 7-year-old girl wearing tinted ChapStick to school?

Of course, we don’t know exactly what makeup Sophia wore to school. It’s fair to assume it was more than lip balm if the principal felt it was necessary to call Abraham to her office.

Like lots of little girls, Sophia may be desperate to copy her mom and experiment with foundation, bronzer and false eyelashes. But she has plenty of years ahead of her to do all that. While there’s always a small risk of harm in letting girls wear makeup at a very young age, there’s absolutely no harm in making them wait until they’re a bit older.

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This isn’t the first time Abraham has been attacked for “sexualizing” her daughter. But nobody can make a call on that without knowing all the facts — which we’ll never get from a two-minute podcast clip.

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