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Fans are trying to help Jill Duggar’s kid, but she’s not listening

Car seat police alert! Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are at it again. They’ve gone and taken their 1-year-old baby son, Israel, on a car journey without following the correct car seat protocol. Maybe.

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This time the incriminating evidence is on Dillard’s Instagram page — a cute pic of Israel fast asleep in his car seat. According to some commenters, there are several issues with this picture. First of all, Israel’s seat may be facing the wrong way (forward instead of rear). Then there’s the harness — it may be a little slack. Finally, the headrest may be marginally too high.

Duggar and Dillard haven’t responded to the criticism (and they have a lot of comments to read, as it’s less than 24 hours since the previous installment of How the Duggars do Car Seats), but it doesn’t seem to matter, as their Instagram followers are happy to get into a lengthy argument about whether their car seat practices are up to scratch.

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Opinion is definitely divided. While many are extremely critical of how Israel is strapped into his car seat, others point out that we can never know the facts from one photograph. It could be that they were in a parking lot and had loosened the harness, ready to lift the tot from the seat. Some people came to their defense and said Israel looks like he’s well over the weight limit to be in a forward-facing car seat.

The parents don’t deserve the hassle they’re getting from internet know-it-alls, but our issue with this picture is something else entirely. Don’t Duggar and Dillard ever go online? They may not read the comments on their social media posts, but surely someone working for or with the family does. They simply can’t be completely oblivious to the huge fuss their car seat “mistakes” have caused. It would be so easy for them to listen and then tighten the harness and lower the headrest.

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None of us is above getting parenting advice. Sure, they may not want it, but if there’s a chance they need it, they should pay a bit more attention.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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Image: duggarfam/instagram

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