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Teen Mom 2 stars reveal surprisingly civil custody agreement

Divorce is a painful process, especially when it involves little kids. Splitting time between families is never easy, and of course, both parents want plenty of visitation with their babies. It can be difficult for couples to stay civil and try to find a way to compromise when it comes to custody matters, but Teen Mom 2 stars Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin somehow managed to do just that. They just announced a new custody agreement for their sons, and they were able to figure the whole thing out without having a messy court battle.

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Marroquin, who was married to Lowry for three years, is dad to the couple’s 2-year-old son, Lincoln, and stepdad to Lowry’s 6-year-old son, Isaac. He’s currently moving out of the house they shared after a seven-month deployment in Qatar, but he says he still plans to play an active role in both boys’ lives, and he and his ex even worked out an arrangement that ensures their kids get plenty of face time with both parents.

The reality stars are planning to split custody fifty-fifty, so Lincoln will be with his dad every other week. Isaac splits custody between Lowry and his biological father, so he won’t see Marroquin quite as often, but the devoted stepdad still plans to spend any free time he has with the boy. It looks like they came up with an agreement that’s a good fit for both the parents and their kids.

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Emotions can run high when it comes to custody battles, and it’s totally understandable when couples struggle to work out a compromise. No matter what happened in a relationship, both parents still want to spend plenty of time with their kids and make sure they feel loved and supported. No one wants to miss holidays or school concerts, and certainly, no parent wants their kids to feel slighted by whatever arrangement they come up with.

It can be extremely difficult to work out custody compromises that make everyone feel like they’re getting something they want, and there’s no shame in taking some extra time to figure things out. But as Lowry and Marroquin’s arrangement shows, it’s always a bonus when parents can work together in a civil way and spare themselves a few difficult days in court.

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The end of a marriage is hard on everyone involved, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t still come together to figure out new routines and their own version of happily ever after. Any arrangement that works for both parents and still allows their kids to have consistency, safety and routine is a win for everyone involved. Kudos to these two for finding a way to make it work.

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