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Video of baby born in amniotic sac is totally rare and totally cool

All births are an amazing sight to behold, but a rare video of a newborn completely encased in its caul, or amniotic sac, is wowing the internet.

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The Human Birth Project shared the mesmerizing video on Facebook, and it’s already been viewed more than 15 million times — yes, it’s that incredible. Part of the reason people can’t help but watch is because seeing a baby fully encased in its amniotic sac is so rare.

Caul births don’t happen often. They occur in only 1 out of every 80,000 births. The video shows the freshly born baby still encapsulated in the caul, moving around and breathing thanks to the placenta that’s still attached to mom. It looks like the baby is just hanging out, totally relaxed, not even aware that it’s outside the womb. Check it out.
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Typically a woman’s amniotic sac ruptures before birth in that moment the movies love to play up in hilarious ways when her water breaks. In real life, it’s rarely so dramatic.

Even in a cesarean birth the caul usually gets ruptured during surgery, but this time the doctor was able to perform the procedure without puncturing the membrane, and someone happened to catch the results on camera. If you ever wanted to know what a baby looks like inside the womb, this is a very real and very rare sneak peek.

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This baby hasn’t even taken its first breath yet, and it’s already a viral video star. Happy birthday!

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