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Zac Hanson’s wife is a MMMMom again… to baby No. 4

Who doesn’t remember Hanson, the mop-haired boys from Tulsa who rocked the world with “MMMBop” back in the day? Well, get ready for your blast from the past. “Little” Zac Hanson, the younger brother of Isaac and Taylor is a dad again.

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Wait, again? If you didn’t already know it, the not-so-little-anymore Zac is now 30, married to wife Kate and actually has four — count ’em, four — kids. In fact, Kate gave birth to the couple’s fourth child on Saturday, Aug. 6.

Little Mary Lucille Diana Hanson joins big brothers John, 8, and George, 2-1/2, plus big sister Junia, 5. And if you’re thinking that’s a big name for a little baby, her parents are way ahead of you. She’ll apparently go by just Lucille.

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Although some parents opt for hiding less popular names in the middle so their kids don’t have to use them in public, going by your middle name is something of a trend for the Hanson clan — Isaac’s real first name is Clarke, while Taylor is actually Jordan Taylor — and in Hollywood overall. Everyone from (Christopher) Ashton Kutcher to (William) Bradley Pitt have dropped the first name in favor of the second, at least where the public is concerned.

And while the religious Hanson family is not Catholic, using Mary as a first name but calling your daughter by their middle name was once extremely common in the Catholic faith where many girls were named for the Virgin Mary (and boys were named for Joseph).

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Whether this little girl opts to stick with her middle name or not, she’s got three great names to choose from!

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