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New Bringing Up Bates baby name is out… and photos too

Fans of Bringing Up Bates have had plenty of baby news to get excited about this summer. This past June, Zach and Whitney welcomed little Kaci Lynn to the family. Now Chad and Erin Paine have exciting news of their own — a baby cousin for little Kaci to grow up with.

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The couple shared an adorable family photo of themselves with big brother Carson and their new arrival, Brooklyn Elise, on Instagram.

They talked about how overjoyed they are with their growing family, and from the big kiss Carson’s giving his baby sister, it’s pretty obvious he’s smitten too.

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Some couples can’t decide on a baby name until after the birth, but the Paines are a decisive duo, having decided on a moniker for their littler girl months ago.

The name Brooklyn means water or stream. It’s gaining in popularity as of late, climbing from the 177th most popular female baby name in 2000 all the way to the 31st most popular in 2015. Her middle name, Elise, may not be very common, but it has special meaning. The Paines chose Elise because it’s Erin’s middle name too, so mother and daughter now share the same middle name. The name Elise means “oath of God” or “God is satisfaction”.

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Baby Brooklyn makes grandkid No. 5 for Gil and Kelly Jo Bates, joining Bradley, Ailie ,Kaci and big brother Carson as the latest twig on the family tree. With 19 kids in the Bates family, who knows how many branches they’ll end up with?


Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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Image: Praveenkumar Palanichamy/Getty Images

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