Breastfeeding moms rock out in hilarious AC/DC parody video

One of our favorite celebrations of breastfeeding this World Breastfeeding Week comes from YouTube channel MYLF, described as “comedy for mothers, by mothers.”

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It’s a parody of “You Shook Me All Night Long,” which was a 1980 hit for Australian rock band AC/DC, and shows a bunch of nursing moms who all donated their time — and considerable talents — to create the no-budget video. The aim of the film is to make breastfeeding look cool and empowering — and this message definitely comes across.

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This vid is for all breastfeeding rock star mamas who’ve been unable to move from their bed because their babies want “more, more, more” and should absolutely be bookmarked for life and played to said babies as soon as they’re old enough to appreciate that they were, in fact, nursed all night long.

But as the spoof shows, no matter how exhausting it is to be at the beck and call of a 24/7 milk machine, breastfeeding moms can still find enough energy to kick ass.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Breastfeeding essentials
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