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More ridiculous criticism of Jill Duggar’s parenting skills bubbles up

Let’s face it: The Duggars never stray too far from controversy. Often for good reason. But a problematic byproduct of past scandals is that people seem to think they can then slam each member of the (very large) family for the most ridiculous reasons. Such as — gasp! — using a smartphone within 3 feet of a young child.

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Derick Dillard’s Instagram image of his wife, Jill Duggar, and their 1-year-old son, Israel David, captures a moment all parents of young kids will be familiar with.

What do we do when we’re entertaining our little one and the phone rings? Some of us might answer it and leave the child to their own devices for a few minutes. Others might ignore the phone and return the call when they have some child-free time. And then there are the multitasking sorts like Jill Duggar, who chose to take the call but provide some entertainment — in the form of bubbles — for her son at the same time.

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Seems like a pretty clever idea to us. All kids like bubbles, right? And by the look on little Israel’s face, it worked like a treat. But expecting everyone to share this view is simply too much. “Why not put the phone down and interact with your child?” sniped one Instagram commenter. Most people leaped to Duggar’s defense, pointing out that her child is safe and happy and that she’s actually stimulating his fine motor skills with the bubbles.

But apart from that, why on earth should parents be expected to interact with their children 24/7? Isn’t it actually good for a child’s development to learn how to cope with being alone or being bored now and again? A child who believes his parent is constantly at his beck and call might just grow up to be a demanding, entitled, spoiled brat with no imagination. Children need to learn how to occupy their own minds and amuse themselves, and that can start from a young age.

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Jill Duggar did absolutely nothing wrong here. Kids love bubbles, end of story. Her son probably doesn’t even realize she’s holding her phone, and if he does, he certainly doesn’t care.

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