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Scrubs fans are going to love Sarah Chalke’s baby name

Former Scrubs star Sarah Chalke and her fiancé, lawyer Jamie Afifi, announced that they joined the growing number of celebrity couples who have welcomed their little ones on the sly. Chalke gave birth to her new addition, a daughter, two months ago and gave her a cute little name that’s equally cute and chic: Frankie.

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Chalke, who has acted recently on shows Angie Tribeca and Rick and Morty, is now a mother of two, and Frankie has an older brother named Charlie, who is 6, to welcome her to the world as well.

As a girl’s name, Frankie has been under the radar in recent years and just barely squeaks onto the list of the country’s top 1,000 baby names at spot number 992. That could be a little deceiving, though, because while gender-swapped names have been on the rise for a while now, when it comes to names like Frankie, most parents will still give their little girls a girlie formal name and then use the rough-and-tumble diminutive instead.

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The classic Latin girl’s name Frances easily becomes Frankie, and it’s been on the rise, popularity-wise, ever since 2011, shooting upward more than 200 spots in just five years to reach spot number 514. There’s a similar trend with the ever popular Charlotte, which transforms into Charlie without any trouble.

We love the trend of names that aren’t constrained by ideas about what is or isn’t appropriate for a boy or a girl, and so, apparently, do celebrities. Scrubs fans will recall that Chalke herself played a character with a traditionally male name — Dr. Elliot Reid. So perhaps that inspired her choice?

We say bring on all the Jameses, Charlies and Frankies! Chalke’s little girl is definitely in good company; Drew Barrymore, Amanda Peet and Nikki Sixx each have daughters that go by the moniker, and we’re bound to see many more Frankies among the general population soon if the celebrity trend keeps up.

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We wish Chalke and her growing family all the best, and we can’t wait to see who will get on board the gender-swapping name train next!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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