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20 things moms should stop worrying about immediately

As parents, we worry about everything, but so many of the things that keep us lying awake at night are troubles of our own invention. We want to give our kids the best possible childhoods we can, and what’s more, we want them to have great memories of their childhood.

But in trying to do that, it’s easy to lose focus of the things that really matter. So much of what parents worry about are things our kids either pay zero attention to now or absolutely will not remember when they’re our age. Here are 20 things all moms should stop worrying about right this instant:

stop worrying
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1. What the size is on the tag in the back of your shorts as you chase them at the beach.

2. If you buy their birthday cake from the store or make it from scratch.

3. If you whipped up a dinner of Pinterest-inspired quinoa, kale and bean casserole, or chicken nuggets — again.

4. Whether you remember to vacuum under the couch cushions as often as you should. Or under the couch, for that matter.

5. The exact number of gray hairs you have on your head when you relent and let them play hairdresser with you.

6. If the slip and slide you got them was this year’s newest model with all the bells and whistles, or last year’s swiped from the clearance section.

7. Whether your arms flap as you play ball with them in the backyard.

8. How often you send them to school with non-matching socks.

9. Whether you wear jeans or yoga pants to pick them up.

10. How fancy or expensive their backpack is. Can you remember your fourth-grade backpack? Exactly.

11. How many toys are under the Christmas tree. Even if they count them for fun, unless your last name is Dursley, they aren’t keeping a running tally in a notebook somewhere under the bed.

12.The exact number of times you slip and say “fuck” in front of them. It happens.

13. If their toys in their playroom are perfectly organized and labeled.

14. If you’re a little (or a lot) off-key as you sing along with them to the radio.

15. The times you lost your temper and felt bad about it. They forgive you, really.

16. If you don’t use words like “slay” and “bae” the right way in text messages.

17. Whether you can afford to take them on the same number of vacations or trips as their friends.

18. How clean and crumb free you keep the inside of the car. (Besides, if the car ever breaks down, having all those extra snacks on the floor might come in handy!)

19. If you let them get a treat or toy every time you go to the store.

20. If the boxed macaroni and cheese you make for them is organic. They only notice that you steal too many bites.

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