Chelsea Houska's got us scratching our heads over her sonogram photo

Jul 21, 2016 at 12:22 p.m. ET

It's natural to want to know everything you possibly can about your baby, even as early as your first trimester. But while most of us understand we'll probably have to wait until week 18 or 19 to find out whether we're having a boy or a girl — and that's if baby is cooperating on the sonogram that day — Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska is so not willing to wait that long.

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Houska, who is pregnant with her second child with fiancé Cole DeBoer, shared an image from a recent ultrasound that shows her 7-week-old fetus doing what 7-week-old fetuses do best: growing, chilling inside Mama's tummy and not letting on yet whether he/she is a he or a she.


You may be wondering what "method" Twitter user Brooke Hammond is referring to. Allow me to explain, because here's where things get interesting. Houska asked fans and followers whether anyone knew anything about the Ramzi Theory, a method by which a baby's gender can apparently be predicted as early as six weeks by considering placenta/chorionic villi location. If your placenta/chorionic villi is on the left side of your body, you are supposedly having a girl; right side means boy.

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So can Houska's 6-year-old daughter, Aubree, look forward to having a little sister or a baby brother?


Believe it or not, the Ramzi Theory is said to be 97.2 percent accurate for male fetuses and 97.5 percent accurate for females in the first trimester. Would I trust myself or a random friend to analyze my sonogram photo? Um, absolutely not. Nor would I race out the door to buy gender-specific clothing just yet. This method is fun and, I'm sure, a lot more trustworthy than swinging a pendulum above your pregnant belly, but an exact science, especially when viewed by folks without medical experience? A little healthy skepticism is a good thing (and can save you lots of money).

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Houska is just the cutest, and her enthusiasm about her baby is off-the-charts wonderful. But girl, it's a long road from now until February 2017 (her baby's birth month). Be patient, and enjoy every minute — that 18-week ultrasound will be here before you know it.

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