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Surprise, Blac Chyna’s dad had the baby’s gender all wrong

Black Chyna’s dad took some heat this week for his bad grandpa move when he supposedly revealed that his daughter and Rob Kardashian were expecting a little boy together. Turns out, he may have been wrong.

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A source revealed to Us Weekly that it’s actually going to be a little girl joining the Kardashian clan. Chyna already has a 3-year-old son, King Cairo, from her relationship with Tyga, so this will make one of each.

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Of course, who really knows at this point? We haven’t heard directly from the couple, so we won’t be too surprised if it’s a boy or a girl. Twins, now, that would surprise us. Could it all be leaks to keep us guessing? Of course, these are the Kardashians we’re talking about. (Note: Chyna will soon be known as Angela Kardashian, a name for which she has filed a trademark.) 

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Also, they may just not want anyone to know the baby’s sex until the baby is born. Plenty of couples want to save that as a surprise for the day of birth, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is into gender reveals — be it through cake or media announcements — so if they want to throw people off, so be it. We’ll all find out soon enough… or at least by October, when she’s expected to give birth.

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