The love between Kelly Clarkson’s kids is undeniable in her photos

Kelly Clarkson is pretty much melting the internet with the adorable pictures of her children on Instagram and Twitter lately. Squees can be heard far and wide, as she has posted several sweeter-than-sweet photos in the last couple of days of 3-month-old Remy and his big sister, River, who’s 2.

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First up is Remy with his adorable big, big blue eyes.

Then there’s the two siblings together, which is just cuteness overload. Those gazes at each other! A good one to show them when they’re older and squabbling, as siblings inevitably do.

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Finally, she hit us with Remy in a big, old toothless grin for a heart-melting trifecta.

Celebrities get beat up all the time online for pictures they post of their children. There’s so much judgment out there about every little move parents make, especially those who are in the spotlight. But like other parents, they often just want to share pictures of their babies because they’re so proud of them, and we’re glad Clarkson doesn’t let a fear of hateful commenters keep her from posting. Keep them coming, please!

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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Image: Praveenkumar Palanichamy/Getty Images


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