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Jenelle Evans can’t even have a pregnancy crisis without being judged

Although the pregnancy announcement of Jenelle Evans didn’t go exactly as planned, the cat has definitely been released from the bag. After she and her boyfriend were in a traffic accident, news of her pregnancy spread like whoa, and it didn’t take long for hate to rain down on her pregnancy news parade.

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Now, it’s not a huge surprise that people aren’t thrilled that Evans is having another baby. Her first little guy lives with Grandma, and also, people adore judging moms who have children with different men. The moms from Teen Mom get a ton of hate on the regular anyway, with their lives and their life choices on the world’s stage for all to see. In fact, on the SheKnows Facebook page, people were seething with judgment for this mama who had experienced a car accident.

One Facebook user writes, “STOP having babies!! Your a horrible mother and person to boot!! Mtv stop paying this lowlife to produce more kids#smh”

Another notes, “The world isn’t celebrating your pregnancy because you didn’t even raise your first child, and you barely take care of your second you idiot.”

And a third person writes, “I can not stand this ‘woman’ she doesnt deserve any of her children and runs around making more and more babies. Grow up and use birth control, maybe get fixed. Your a terrible mother and person and i really cant believe your able to keep the one kid ypu get to keep now. I pray for her kids.”

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First of all, it’s pretty gross to immediately focus on things other than a mom-to-be getting into a car accident. While there have been notes of concern for her well-being or that of her pregnancy, most people seem to be freaking out over baby No. 3 and how ugh, OMG and awful it is that she’s having another baby.

Another “concern” (which really isn’t a concern) is the fact that she’s pregnant with a third baby by a third man. This will make her third baby daddy, and people are just crapping their pants over this. Oh my God, she had sex with three different dudes, and this is totally our business because she’s on TV, and because she’s a public figure, we can completely decide what’s best for her and for her family.

Third, people are wigging out over the fact that she doesn’t have custody of her oldest child, Jace. Young Jace lives with Evans’ mother, Barbara, and there are folks who are so sad that he has to live with Grandma while her second child gets to live with his mom. People wonder why she has any business having another baby when she doesn’t even have custody of one of her children.

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Really, people? I know it’s difficult to understand that there are actual human beings behind your favorite TV shows, but the truth is, they are real people who have real feelings.

Evans is tired of everyone’s shit too, which is apparent when you look at her Facebook account:

Can’t say we blame her for being fed up. Compassion for celebrities will probably never be at the level reserved for close friends and family, but it wouldn’t hurt to think before typing out judgy garbage to a celeb.

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