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Oh Jenelle Evans, we can’t believe your pregnancy news came out like this

Deciding when and how to announce a pregnancy is a pretty big deal. There are entire industries devoted to spilling the beans about the big moment, with options from photo shoots to beautiful stationery, all designed to help couples share the big news when they’re good and ready.

When some other person or circumstance takes that decision away from them, it can be a bitter pill to swallow. But a meddling mother-in-law is one thing. A super-scary car accident is another — and that’s exactly how the news of Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans’ third pregnancy is making the rounds.

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The 24-year-old was driving with her still fairly new man David Eason in Wilmington, North Carolina, when Eason, who was behind the wheel, accidentally rear-ended another vehicle that stopped at a yellow light, according to the police report that documented the incident.

Also in the report? The news that Evans, who has two other children from previous relationships, is at least 10 weeks pregnant. Of course, the reality star wasn’t sharing the news because she was trying to set the bar for the most surprising way to drop the bomb. She told officers that she was having abdominal pain, a concern because of her impending pregnancy.

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There are already opinions and speculation swirling about the couple, and whether or not Evans is being responsible in her pregnancy, because of course we all know that to have three kids in three different relationships is a surefire sign of whoredom, right?

But honestly, if there’s ever a time for everyone to just take a step back and go, “Whoa, are you OK?” It would have to be this one. Feel how you want about the acceptable numbers of babies one should have, or the acceptable number of partners it’s appropriate to have them with, but have a heart as well. To be in an accident — whether it’s major or minor, a fender bender or a tumble down the stairs — whilst pregnant is horrifying. To experience abdominal pain on top of that can only compound how scary the experience is.

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When we’re pregnant, we’re given a litany of no-no’s. No deli meat, no caffeine, no alcohol and no hot tubs, among others. The list seems to grow longer every year, which is why it’s so easy to make fun of. But still, as mothers-to-be, no matter how ridiculous we find these restrictions and no matter how difficult they are to follow, we still make a good-faith effort to safeguard the health of our unborn babies.

An accident is different. An accident is, by its very definition, something you never meant to be a part of. It robs you of your control, by varying degrees. It can even circumvent your efforts to keep your baby safe. Whoever responded to the scene of Evans’ accident found it necessary to have her transported to a nearby medical facility. That’s not nothing. That’s the definition of fear for a newly pregnant woman. Maybe that’s where we need to pivot in discussions like this.

Whatever you may think of the news, it looks like Jenelle Evans is pregnant and that she had a scary accident. There’s only one thing to say in the wake of news like that, and it’s not “Ewww, really?” It’s this: We wish the couple well and hope that everyone involved in the accident — including the other motorist and Evans’ unborn child — is, and continues to be, in good health.

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