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Married at First Sight couple shares devastating pregnancy news

Married at First Sight couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner shared some very difficult news on social media yesterday. Four months into her pregnancy, Otis experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage. The couple shared the troubling news yesterday on Instagram with a beautiful and sad post.

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In the post, Otis called the baby she and Hehner were preparing to welcome as “too beautiful for Earth,” reflecting the sentiment of the picture she posted along with it:

Otis and Hehner have been in the spotlight since they met on the unconventional reality show, where the pair met for the first time on their wedding day and have since documented the success of their arranged match with a show of their own. They had excitedly announced their pregnancy just a little over a week ago. Now they find themselves facing the impossible task of mourning a child they hadn’t yet met but already loved.

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The grief that accompanies a miscarriage is very real indeed, and it can be beyond heartbreaking to cope with. Hehner and Otis are a part of a club no one ever asks to join, and like many people — even other celebrities — they are finding that there can be a great deal of catharsis and healing that accompanies the act of opening up about that pain.

When you suffer the unimaginable heartache of losing a child you couldn’t wait to hold, sometimes all you want is to speak and be heard. It can take a long time to mend, but being able to put words to your grief is just one way people know to pick up the pieces after a loss like this.

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There is little comfort to be had in such difficult times, but there can at least be the understanding that you are not alone. Otis and Hehner have each other to lean on, and they have thousands of people who are willing to witness the grief they have shared and may continue to share. Among those people, many have similar stories of heartache of their own. No one has to be alone in this.

Our thoughts are with the couple as they process this unexpected loss, and we wish them peace and happiness in the days to come.

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