Farrah Abraham's kid got in a pool, and you can guess what happened next

Jul 12, 2016 at 2:54 p.m. ET
Image: Brian To/WENN.com

We might as well start a new weekly feature called "What Farrah Did Next."

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Hot off the heels of her latest "controversy" (OMG, having a drink to celebrate Fourth of July!), reality TV star Farrah Abraham has caused a mighty fuss yet again. So that's only the 617th time this year, then.

Abraham posted a video of her 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, on a modeling job.


Of the 24,000 people who have viewed the video so far, many of them were quick to voice their concerns.

"She should be swimming with kids her own age," one user commented. "Splashing. Playing Marco Polo. Something other than laying in a pool with cameras in her face. Poor Sophia. The grandma should step in. I'm a grandmother and if I saw this I would snap that kid up quick. This is out of control."

Another defended Sophia, blaming her mom: "It's not the kid, it's the parent. She's a moron."

"Omg let that little girl be a kid!!!!" posted another.

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Um, haven't we been here already? Are all the folks who bashed Abraham for posting professional modeling pics of her daughter a couple of weeks ago still lurking on her social media accounts, just waiting for another excuse to take fire?

Clearly a lot of parents wouldn't want their child to model. Fair enough. But many would — and lots of kids would love to have those opportunities as well. That catalog you flick through for your kid's summer wardrobe? The glossy magazine ads for designer children's wear? They all feature child models. Do the people slamming Abraham have an issue with those as well?

What they don't seem to realize as they pass judgment on a family they really know nothing about beyond what's filtered to them through the media is that by attacking Abraham, they are attacking her young daughter too.

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There's nothing wrong with what Sophia is doing, and by criticizing the actions of a child who's clearly enjoying her life, those critics are simply making themselves look like bullies.