This dad eating under a blanket is taking over Facebook

Sometimes you have to get extreme to make a point, which is exactly what dad Brock Smith did to show just how ridiculous our society’s views toward breastfeeding women are.

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While out to lunch with his family, his 2-month-old daughter, Everly, got hungry. His wife attempted to breastfeed her under a blanket — because we all know how it can go down when women breastfeed without a cover of any sort (gasp!). But it was hot, and Everly was having a hard time eating because… hello, who wants to eat under a blanket much less eat under a blanket when it’s scorching hot outside?

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Fed up with how his daughter had to be fed, the Florida dad decided to eat the rest of his meal — including dessert — under a blanket in solidarity with little Everly and to make a bigger point about the absurd lengths breastfeeding women must go to in order to not to offend those around them. To further the point, he made a video of the whole ordeal and posted it to Facebook, where it has since gone viral.
The sarcastic hashtags he used would be funny if they weren’t so sadly true of the way people really think: #breastfeedingisSOsexy,  #lactatingnipplesareoffensive, #shouldprobablyjusttakemymealtothebathroomstall.

While women can challenge and fight back against the breastfeeding backlash we too often see, to really create a change in thinking, we need all people to get on board. So it’s great to see this dad make some waves. While it’s a funny and light way to approach the topic, it sends a serious message about how messed up so many people’s views are when it comes to something as healthy and natural as breastfeeding.

Maybe if all those who had a problem with women breastfeeding in public were made to eat under a blanket themselves, they’d change their tune a bit?

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