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Wildly wonderful Welsh baby names for boys

Wales is a country that is found in the U.K., to be sure, and while many inhabitants speak Welsh — a gorgeous Celtic language — it really isn’t much like English at all despite the nation’s proximity to England.

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This means that the words and, similarly, baby names that come from the region are unique to our ears for the most part. Some Welsh boy names, like Dylan, are very familiar to us, but others are brand-new, and what better way to name a baby than by exploring the names of a different culture?

While Welsh names aren’t quite as popular as Irish names, which are pretty popular right now, that doesn’t mean they won’t work for your little boy. In fact, there are plenty of gems in this list of 33 Welsh boy names.

Take some time, peruse this list, and find the perfect moniker for your little boy.

welsh baby boy names
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  • Aeron: Berry, or possibly related to River Aeron in Wales
  • Afon: River
  • Alwyn: Another river name in Wales
  • Berwyn: White head
  • Bran: Means “raven” in Welsh
  • Bryn: Hill, mound
  • Cadfan: Battle peak
  • Cefin: Welsh form of Kevin
  • Celyn: Holly
  • Colwyn: Another river name from Wales
  • Dai: To shine
  • Drystan: Welsh form of Tristan
  • Dylan: Great flow
  • Eirian: Bright, beautiful
  • Emrys: Welsh version of the name Ambrose
  • Emyr: King
  • Glyn: Valley
  • Hywel: Eminent, also the name of a former king of Wales
  • Iago: Welsh form of Jacob
  • Ianto: Related to the Welsh form of John
  • Idris: Ardent lord
  • Iorwerth: Handsome lord
  • Mabon: Son
  • Macsen: Welsh form of Maximus
  • Marc: Welsh version of Mark
  • Padrig: Welsh form of Patrick
  • Price: Son of Rhys
  • Rhys: Enthusiasm
  • Siors: Welsh form of George
  • Talfryn: High hill
  • Trefor: Welsh version of Trevor
  • Tudor: Welsh version of an old Celtic name that means “ruler of the people”
  • Yale: Comes from a Welsh surname that means “fertile upland”

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