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Gorgeously unique Welsh baby names for your baby girl

Welsh is a language spoken in Wales, which is part of the U.K., and a few other locales around the world. Although it is situated right next to England geographically, Welsh is not very similar to English at all. As a Celtic language, it’s closer to languages like Irish and Gaelic than to what many of us speak, which lends an unusual flair to those of us who are not familiar with it.

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Unsurprisingly, there are a ton of gorgeous, unique baby names that spring from the Welsh language that would make an awesome name for your little girl. You’ll note that many of the following 32 names include “wen” or “wyn” as part of the name — that translates to “white,” “blessed” or “fair.” We’ve included the meanings of these great Welsh girl names, which might help steer you toward a future favorite.

welsh girl names
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  • Aderyn: Bird
  • Afanen: Raspberry
  • Alis: Welsh form of Alice
  • Anwen: Very beautiful
  • Bethan: Welsh form of Elizabeth
  • Blodwen: White flowers
  • Brownwen: From Welsh elements meaning “breast” and “white, fair, blessed”
  • Caron: To love
  • Catrin: Welsh form of Katherine
  • Dilys: Genuine
  • Efa: Welsh form of Eva
  • Eira: Snow
  • Eirwen: White snow
  • Elin: Welsh form of Helen
  • Enid: Soul, life
  • Fflur: Welsh version of Flora
  • Llinos: Greenfinch
  • Lowri: Welsh version of Laura
  • Mair: Welsh form of Mary
  • Mared: Welsh form of Margaret
  • Megan: Welsh short form of Margaret
  • Meinir: Maiden
  • Meredity: Sea lord
  • Morgan: Comes from an Old Welsh boy name Morcant, possibly means “sea” and “circle”
  • Nerys: Related to the Welsh word for “lord”
  • Nesta: Welsh form of Agnes
  • Olwen: White footprint
  • Rhiannon: Great queen
  • Seren: Star
  • Sioned: Welsh form of Janet
  • Tegan: Fair
  • Tesni: Warmth from the sun

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