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Alanis Morissette’s new baby girl has a jewel of a name

Congrats to one of our favorite ’90s queens: Alanis Morissette and husband Mario Treadway welcomed a baby girl into their lives last month, and the singer has graciously given us all both a first photo that shows her baby nursing and details about her gorgeous name.

Morissette gave birth on June 23, but she waited a few days to make the happy news official and to share her newborn’s jewel-inspired name.

Awww, Onyx Solace Morissette-Treadway. How pretty is that?! Onyx is a stunning variety of quartz often used in jewelry, but it also happens to have a lot of meaning. Onyx was traditionally used to help protect the wearer from pain and suffering. In Indian and Persian cultures, it is believed that onyx can protect against bad karma, and an onyx jewel is sometimes even placed on the belly of a pregnant woman to help reduce labor pain (hey, it can’t hurt to try).

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Onyx is also the birthstone for Leos and, hey, would you look at that — Morissette gave birth to her little girl on the first day of Leo’s reign in the zodiac. Cool! Kind of makes me wonder whether the singer is the most go-with-the-flow mom to ever give birth and if she really waited until she was in that hospital to finalize a name.

Onyx’s middle name, Solace, of course, means “to comfort, console or soothe.” In an interview with Women’s Health, the You Oughta Know singer revealed that she has a dedicated room for yoga, meditation and her essential oils in her home, and she so beautifully describes the mindful way she goes about doing everything — from shopping for items that fit her home to “building boundaries” as part of her spiritual journey. It makes perfect sense that she and Treadway would choose a baby name drenched in meaning.

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This is Morissette and Treadway’s second child. They have a 5-year-old son named Ever Imre, whom she raved about in an interview with Us Weekly: “He’s just coming into his own,” she said. “We’re having real bona fide philosophical conversations. About anything — about aliens, about the galaxy, about what God is, about animals. You just cross your fingers behind your back and you hope you don’t blow it.”

Something tells me that Morissette is definitely not going to blow it. Congrats to her and her adorable growing family.

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