Superlong baby names for boys that are large and in charge

Aug 2, 2016 at 5:01 p.m. ET
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Have you had it with short baby names? These boy names are large and in charge, and at four syllables each, they're fancy enough for any baby.

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These names are regal. They're gorgeous. And any one of them would make an excellent name for a baby boy. While most of the names we're familiar with tend to be of a shorter variety (all the top 10 baby boy names from 2015 were two syllables, with two exceptions), that doesn't mean looking for a longer, more formal baby name is out of the question.

And sure, there are names here you probably recognize — Alexander is one, and Nathaniel is another. Both are traditional names that stretch back centuries, and both can be broken up into nicknames quite easily. That goes for quite a few of the rest of these names too. Many of these names have Italian or Spanish origins, and some are biblical in nature. But they all pretty much rock.

Pair a long, unique name like this with a short, sweet middle name for the best combo, and get busy picking an elegant name from this baby name list.

long names for baby boys
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