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Happy baby girl names that will make people smile

Naming a baby is serious business. Her name not only goes on her birth certificate but will follow her around through school and wind up at the very top of her résumé when she hits the pavement and looks for a job.

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So while the naming of a baby is of the utmost importance, inspiration for a name doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, why not channel the happiness you feel about your new family addition into a baby name?

All these baby girl names mean happy, or joy or cheerful — or some combination thereof. Searching for a baby name by meaning also allows you to explore outside of the most popular baby names and really delve into names that are definitely off the beaten track. You may find the perfect baby name from a different culture or be inspired by a truly awesome name you’ve not heard before.

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  • Aine: This Celtic name means “happiness, brilliant”
  • Alaia: This pretty name means “sublime, joyful”
  • Aleeza: A Hebrew name, this means “joy”
  • Alisa: Meaning “great happiness,” this baby name has Hebrew roots
  • Allegra: This name reminds us of the musical term “allegro,” which means “with a happy air”
  • Bliss: As the name implies, this means “joy, cheer, great happiness”
  • Blythe: This Old English name means “cheerful, carefree”
  • Charmain: This name comes from Greek roots and means “little joy, delight”
  • Cheryth: This French and Welsh blend means “cherries, happiness”
  • Duscha: A Russian name, this means “happy”
  • Farrah: In Arabic, “farah” means “joy, happiness”
  • Felice: This is the female version of the name Felix and means “fortunate, happy”
  • Felicity: This Latin name means “happy”
  • Geila: This Hebrew name means “joy”
  • Gilana: Meaning “joy,” this name has Hebrew origins
  • Hana: This gorgeous name means “happiness, flower”
  • Hilary: Meaning “cheerful, happy,” this name has Latin roots
  • Jacey: Possibly related to the Latin name Gaius, which means “happy”
  • Joie: Another version of the name Joy
  • Joy: This Old French name means “joy”
  • Leda: Possibly a short version of the name Letitia, which means “joy, happiness”
  • Mab: This supercute name has Irish roots and means “joy, hilarity”
  • Simcha: A Hebrew name, this means “joy”
  • Sunny: Meaning “sunshine, happy, cheerful,” this name has English origins
  • Winifred: This Welsh name means “joy and peace”

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