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Joyful names for your baby boy

If your baby is a long-awaited addition to your family or a much-beloved surprise, chances are you have been feeling a lot of happiness as you await the big day. Looking for a baby name isn’t always an easy task, but focusing on names that describe your feelings of happiness is a good place to start.

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Are you hoping your baby is a happy little soul, full of cheer and joy? While giving a baby a name with a meaning like “happy” doesn’t mean your child will actually be happy all the time (because really, most babies have sad moments!), it’s still a fun way to brainstorm potential baby names.

From unusual names like Radimir to more familiar monikers like Asher, all these baby names mean happy, joy or cheerful — or a combo.

happy baby boy names
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  • Alaire: This name with Latin roots means “cheerful”
  • Arnan: Meaning “quick, joyful,” this name has Hebrew origins
  • Asher: Meaning “happy,” this name has Hebrew roots
  • Caius: This quirky Latin name means “happy”
  • Ellery: This name is related to a Latin name that means “cheerful”
  • Faine: Of Old English origin, this name means “happy, joyous”
  • Felix: This amazing name means both “happy” and “lucky”
  • Gaillard: Of Middle English origin, this name means “cheerful, brave, spirited”
  • Gaius: Another Latin name, this means “happy”
  • Gale: Though this name may be more popular now because of The Hunger Games, this is an older name that means “cheerful, happy”
  • Gilam: This unique Hebrew name means “joy of a people”
  • Gilon: Similar to Gilam, this Hebrew name also means “joy”
  • Hani: This Arabic baby boy name means “full of joy”
  • Harshad: This rare Hindi name means “bringer of joy”
  • Helge: This brilliant Nordic name means “successful, happy”
  • Ilario: Meaning “cheerful,” this name has Latin roots
  • Keyes: A unique name, this is probably related to the name Kay, which means “happy”
  • Masos: Meaning “happiness,” this name has Hebrew origins
  • Oron: This name means “light, joy”
  • Osher: Meaning “happiness, good fortune,” this name has Hebrew roots
  • Radimir: Of Slavic origin, this means “famous joy”
  • Rufaro: This Shona name means “happiness, elation”
  • Tait: An Old Norse name, this means “cheerful, happy”
  • Tate: Similar to the Nordic name Tait, this Middle English name means “cheerful”
  • Winston: An Old English name, this means “joyful stone”

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