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Yummy baby names for girls that end in Y

There are plenty of girl names that end in Y on popular baby name lists. In fact, the nation’s eighth most popular baby name in 2015 was Emily, which has enjoyed tons of success over the last hundred years or so — even way back in 1900, it was just outside of the top 100, at 105, and dropped as far as 273 only in the ’60s before catapulting up toward the top. In fact, it was the most popular baby name for girls for 12 years running, falling out of the top spot only in 2008.

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More recently, Emily was followed by a couple of other super-popular baby names ending in Y, including Avery in the 16 spot, and then Aubrey looking firm at 21. Still others fill in down the top 100, but don’t worry — there are plenty of others that fit the bill as well.

We have a huge selection of Y-ending baby girl names here, and this list really touches on many different naming styles and trends. We have classic names like Ivy and Molly. We also have some more-modern, trendy names like Kinley and Zeely. Also, there are quite a few names here that could go for either gender, and they sound like they’d be a great choice for a solid girl name — Kennedy and Delaney are good examples of cute girl names that are on the strong side.

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So whether you’re looking for a nice, traditional baby name or one that’s a bit more uncommon, you’re sure to find some awesome choices here.

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