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Farrah Abraham may have had a drink, and here come the mommy police

Mom-shaming knows no bounds, and its latest victim is no stranger to judgment. Step forward, Farrah Abraham, who had the gall to celebrate Fourth of July with her daughter.

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Teen Mom star Abraham shared a video on her Snapchat and Instagram, showing herself on a boat with friends, celebrating the festivities and drinking beer. Her daughter is right by her side for part of the footage; in fact, at the start of the video, they both are wishing everyone a happy Fourth as they blow kisses at the camera.

But not everyone is returning the love — many of Abraham’s social media followers expressed concern that she was drinking around her child.

What makes this all even more ridiculous is that it’s not entirely clear whether the reality TV mom was even drinking around her daughter. In that part of the video, Sophia isn’t present, and Abraham is wearing a different outfit. But if she did have a few beers while her daughter was there, so friggin’ what? Haven’t most of us done it?

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It’s so easy to judge when you’re secure in the knowledge that how you parent your kids will never end up being public knowledge. And if it did, can we all honestly say we’d be completely happy with the world seeing every aspect of family life? If your answer is yes, well… you’re lying.

If Abraham had posted a drunken Snapchat at 8 a.m. on a Tuesday morning with her daughter crying in the background, then we’d be as worried as anyone else. But being a little drunk in her daughter’s company on the Fourth of July? We just can’t see the crime.

Nobody wants to see anything bad happening to Sophia. But until we all have a damn good reason for being concerned about Abraham’s parenting skills (and putting a 6-year-old in a bikini and enjoying a beer do not count), please, can we all just pipe down and let her get on with it?

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Abraham isn’t ever going to be Mom of the Year (who the hell is?), but she’s not the devil either. Let’s give her a break.

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