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Teen Mom‘s Mackenzie Douthit pulls gender reveal surprise on her kids

With cupcakes and a silly surprise, Teen Mom couple Mackenzie Douthit McKee and Josh McKee recently revealed the gender of their third child.

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The couple already has a son, Gannon, 4, and a daughter, Jaxie, 2, so there was plenty of anticipation in learning which way the scale would tip, especially as Mackenzie stresses this will be their last child. In a video, you see Josh and the kids sitting at a table outside with a plate of cupcakes. The filling — blue for a boy or pink for a girl — would reveal whether there will be a little brother or little sister.

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When they bite in and see the blue center, that’s not the only big surprise.

What’s more fun than a surprise silly string attack? Not much. They had no idea that was coming but clearly loved it.

Sweet little gender reveal touches like this make announcing the big news even more fun, which is really always good news no matter what it is. Because even though everyone may have their wishes for which gender they hope to see revealed, once that child enters their lives they’ll never be able to imagine that it could have been any other way.

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Congratulations to the family!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

mom photos herself giving birth
Image: Lisa Robinson Photography

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