No kid should come home from day care looking like this

When Daizha Rosser’s 1-year-old son, Demarco, came home from his Washington, D.C., day care with a chunk of hair missing from his little head, it was bad enough. When they found out how the hair had actually gone missing, it was much worse.

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The first explanation Kids Are Us Learning Center gave was that another child had pulled it out. That would have been concerning on its own, as it raises questions as to whether the children are being supervised adequately if something like that happens. However, when Rosser asked to see the surveillance tape to review the incident, it was not a child who was to blame — it was an employee of the day care who was seen ripping the hair for Demarco’s head.

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When police questioned the employee, her excuse was reportedly that she was irritated. Irritated? What’s irritating — infuriating, actually — is that people like this take jobs in which they’re supposed to be protecting and nurturing children. Yes, children are irritating; they’re children. They cry, whine, make insane messes and make little to no sense half the time, but that’s what children do. No one who can’t handle that should be in such a position. Pulling a child’s hair is not an acceptable form of discipline. It’s not an acceptable way to take out your irritation. It’s not acceptable ever.

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It’s hard enough to leave our children in the care of others, and people like this just fuel our worst fears. It reinforces all the reasons parents need to not only do their research before they select a child care provider but also why it’s so important to continually monitor the provider by doing drop-ins, asking questions and keeping in touch with other parents. That’s not to say that this particular incident could have been prevented by such actions, but they can help. Hopefully the employee will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and never be in a position caring for children again.

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