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Louis Tomlinson’s taking his custody battle in a whole new direction

Since the birth of their son Freddie five months ago, Louis Tomlinson and his ex, Briana Jungwirth, haven’t exactly had a smooth co-parenting experience, if persistent press reports are to be believed.

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It appears that Tomlinson is about to take a drastic step — he’s rumored to be planning to take the matter to court to fight for joint custody of his son and to include a stipulation that the child should spend equal time with his parents in a 50/50 split.

Neither Tomlinson nor Jungwirth has confirmed the reports, but sources close to the One Direction star claim the mom has been “inconsistent” when it comes to letting Tomlinson spend time with Freddie.

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Working out a custody arrangement is rarely simple. Even if a split is amicable, it’s still a highly emotive time, and most parents want to be the primary caregiver. The fact that Tomlinson has all the money in the world to hire lawyers eliminates the financial pressure that stops many parents from starting court proceedings, but the fact that he’s a multimillionaire doesn’t mean he’ll get what he wants.

There doesn’t seem to be any doubt that Tomlinson’s a devoted, doting dad. Why shouldn’t he fight for joint custody of his son? When parents aren’t together, a custody decision has to be made based on what’s best for the child. And if it works in a practical sense and doesn’t cause too much disruption, a 50/50 arrangement has to be the ideal solution.

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In many cases, it may be best for a child to spend the majority of their time with their mom. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and dads have just as much right to their kids as moms do. It’s time we stopped peddling the stereotype that men can’t give their children everything they need from a caregiver.

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