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7 totally unexpected things that happen when your kid starts kindergarten

When my oldest daughter started kindergarten, I knew we would need to make some adjustments. I mean, of course things were going to change. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for how much and for just what those changes would be.

In order to save you from some of the unexpected surprises I encountered, here a few of the biggies. Get ready, Mama, because all of this is coming at you as soon as school starts.

1. They won’t care when you leave — and your soul will be crushed

If you’re waiting for your kid to cling to your leg and beg you not to go, get over it. That might happen, but chances are, they’ll be too excited to start the day to worry about what you’re doing. Bye, Mom!

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2. The hand cramps are real

If you think you completed all the important paperwork when you registered your darling child, you’re wrong. On the first day, she’ll bring home mountains of “important” documents and permission slips. Oh, and they keep coming all year long.

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3. There’s homework — and it’s for you

Being a grown-up doesn’t exempt you from homework. Your kid is going to have tons to do every night and you have to help. Say goodbye to your TV time.

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4. Not everything they learn is good

You’ve spent the last five years shielding your kid from horrible things like curse words and embellished jeggings. Just a few weeks in kindergarten and she’ll be an expert in all that and more — thanks to her fellow (and worldly, apparently) classmates.

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5. The sass starts now

Say goodbye to your well-mannered child. She’s in kindergarten now and the sass is real. And you thought back-talking started in their teens.

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6. You’ll run out of space to display your kid’s artwork

Clear your walls and stock up on big plastic tubs — your kid is going to bring home piles of new artwork every day. If you think you can sneak a few things into the trash when they’re not looking, think again.

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7. The mom scene is scary

The lines at school pick-up and drop-off are just as cliquey as the high school cafeteria — maybe worse. There’s a group for working moms, stay-at-home moms, enthusiastic volunteer moms, fresh-from-the-gym-moms and still-in-my-pajamas moms. Choose yours carefully — this is your squad now.

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