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Come on, people — Kim Kardashian isn’t trying to outshine her daughter

Kim Kardashian has to be immune to online criticism by now. When your love of latex frocks and naked ass have been the topics of international debate, she’s gotta have a thick skin under that immaculate contouring.

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Of course, it’s unlikely Kardashian reads the thousands of comments every single one of her Instagram posts attracts. Maybe she pays someone to do that for her. However, if she is aware of a very odd comment on a recent snap, she’s probably as baffled as we are.

The picture itself is totally SFW and wouldn’t ever come close to breaking the internet. It’s just Kardashian and her 3-year-old daughter, North, posing as mermaids at the joint birthday party for North and her big cuz Penelope earlier this month.

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You’d expect Kardashian to get a whole bunch of praise for throwing a mermaid party for her daughter. But among all the positive vibes was one weird comment: “Why can’t she let the baby shine?”

Hold on a second. Aren’t moms supposed to get photos taken with their kids? Most of us are obsessed with capturing our kids’ every move, and too often we forget to go from behind the camera to actually be in the shot, right by our children’s sides.

It’s these pictures that we’ll look back on in years to come and remember the moment: the birthday party, the sports day, the rainy afternoon spent taking silly selfies that all came out blurry because we were laughing so much. Whatever we were doing, we were there. Maybe not in a mermaid costume, but that’s just detail.

Nobody has the right to police Kardashian — or any mom — being in a photograph with her kids for “outshining” them. Surely the whole point is that she’s there by her daughter’s side? That’s what’s going to make North happy whenever she looks at this picture.

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