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Audrina Patridge gives her new baby girl the perfect summery name

Yay! Congrats are in order for Audrina Patridge, who gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Friday.

The Hills star and her fiancé, Corey Bohan, revealed their happy baby news in December, one month after they announced their engagement. Patridge admitted that she was really bad at keeping the news secret and proved her point in a sweet blog post in March, when she revealed that she and Bohan were expecting a girl. At the time, Patridge said she was expecting to give birth in July, but not to worry: her rep confirmed to People magazine that their little early bird is “perfectly healthy and Mom is doing great.”

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Ready for some baby name news? Patridge and Bohan have named their baby girl Kirra Max Bohan. As the mom of a girl we named Kiera, I’m biased for sure, but I just love the simplicity of her name coupled with a more masculine-sounding middle name. Kirra is the feminine form of the Greek word Kyros, which is said to be derived from the Persian word for the sun. What could be more perfect than giving birth at the start of summer and naming your daughter after the sun?

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Another cool thing about the name Kirra is that it also means “leaf” in an Australian Aboriginal dialect and is said to have Aboriginal, Celtic and Gaelic origins. It enjoyed a spike in popularity in 2008 but has since declined — which is great news for Patridge because she won’t have to worry about her daughter sharing the same name as 10 other Kirras in her class.

Patridge has said that she and Bohan are planning to get married at the end of the year and that they want to have a small affair — so intimate that she will not be inviting anyone from The Hills.

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The couple dated for five years, split in 2014 and got back together before announcing they were starting a little family. We wish them the best of luck as new parents to beautiful little Kirra Max.

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