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The nation’s capitals make for some of the cutest baby names

Geographical and location baby names are definitely all the rage, and for those of us in the U.S., there is a veritable treasure trove right here within our state capitals.

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Some state capital names are already making waves on the popularity charts, like Lincoln, Austin, Carson and Madison. In fact, Madison is currently one of the most popular names in the country, as it landed at number 11 on the Social Security Administrations’s list for 2015 (which is incidentally down a bit from its peak in the early 2000s at No. 2).

Some of the other capitals, though, are fresh and ripe for the picking. There probably aren’t a ton of kids named Albany that you know of. Same goes for Bismarck, Helena, Olympia and Pierre too. Juneau is certainly unique, and while the simpler spelling of Juno may be more familiar, the Alaskan capital is a great source of inspiration for parents looking for something a little more unique.

Some of the state capitals didn’t find their way onto our list (Sacramento just didn’t seem like one parents are likely to pick as a baby name) and some we had to get a little creative with, such as nixing the “Salt” and “City” parts from Utah’s state capital name, but there is still plenty of inspo among the nation’s state capitals.

Whether you’re homesick for your home state or are just looking for a rockin’ location name that is a little different from most, these baby names may find their way onto your baby name list.

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