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Katherine Heigl’s family is growing a little differently this time

Katherine Heigl’s two daughters, Adelaide and Naleigh, just got some very exciting news from Mom and Dad: The actress is expecting a baby, which means the two cuties can soon expect to welcome a baby brother into their midst!

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The actress, who calls herself baby obsessed on her blog Those Heavenly Days, recently released a statement that shared the happy news. After two adoptions, she and her husband, musician Josh Kelley, will be adding a biological child and little boy to their happy little clan. Heigl has said she always knew she would grow her family through adoption, and that’s what she and Kelley have done. Naleigh, who is 7, was adopted first at 9 months old in 2009, and three years later, Adelaide, who is 4, joined her parents and sister.

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There are so many ways to make a family and no one right way to become a mother. Heigl is just one of many moms who came to motherhood through adoption, and though not long ago her family would have been seen as nontraditional, to the actress, there’s nothing more natural in the world.

Heigl is related to her older sister Meg by adoption, and she has expressed that that was what she hoped her family would look like. Now, that looks like that’s exactly what will happen. Two happy parents will welcome a bouncing baby boy, and two happy kids will welcome a new little brother.

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In the end, families are rarely made up of shared genetic code or the very clumsy-sounding concept of “blood relations.” They take that form, certainly, but at the end of the day, what holds a family together goes much, much deeper than that. There isn’t even a need to distinguish a biological relation from an adopted one. It’s love that makes a family, and it looks like that’s something Heigl and Kelley have in spades!

We wish Heigl and company the very best of luck as their clan continues to grow, and we can’t wait to meet the newest addition when he makes his debut.

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