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Farrah Abraham may not be Mom of the Year, but this is getting out of hand

So Farrah Abraham is never going to win a Mom of the Year award. Not because she’s a bad mom, per se, but because people just won’t stop jumping on every parenting decision she makes.

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This time, it’s all about a picture the Teen Mom OG star posted on Instagram. It shows her 6-year-old daughter Sophia taking part in a photo shoot, during which she wore a bikini and had her picture taken under a palm tree.

Fans (are they really fans if they criticize her every move?) were quick to slam Abraham for letting her daughter wear a two-piece swimsuit. One even suggested child services should get involved and “take her child away for sexualizing her in this manner.”

Is Abraham really a “horrible mother” for letting Sophia wear a bikini? First of all, she’s only one of millions of little girls who wears them. It’s hardly unusual to see much younger kids than Sophia in bikinis on the beach or at the pool. Are any of the moms of these kids reported to child services? They’d be laughed at if they were.

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Secondly, the bikini Sophia wore isn’t a suggestive costume in the slightest. It’s revealing, sure, because it exposes her belly as a bikini is designed to do. But it’s clearly a child’s costume, not a child’s replica of a super-sexy adult two-piece. No plunging, no padding, no nipple tassels… OK, we’re joking but come on people, this is ridiculous.

As far as we can see from the photograph, Sophia is standing in a bikini under a palm tree. She’s not twerking. She’s not making suggestive faces at the camera. She’s not behaving in any way a 6-year-old girl shouldn’t, by any stretch of the imagination.

In the past, Abraham has taken the heat for plucking Sophia’s eyebrows, setting up social media accounts in her name and letting her wear makeup to school. She also said she would let Sophia have plastic surgery if she wanted it.

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This mom might not make decisions we would for our kids, but that doesn’t make her a bad mom. Unless you have proof that Abraham’s daughter is genuinely suffering in any way, give her a break.

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