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These baby names inspired by jobs are a labor of love

Looking for naming inspiration? Look no further than these job-related baby names. What we now call occupational names probably started out as some of the first surnames used in society. If your name was Bill and you were occupied as a baker, for example, you might have been known as Bill the Baker, and eventually Baker became your surname.

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On that note, it’s not unusual for last names to transfer for use as first names, and in fact it’s become somewhat of a trend in recent years, for both boys and girls. These baby names, all of which probably started off at the end of someone’s name, actually make a great (and sometimes pretty unique) choice for your baby’s first name.

While many of these names seem to trend towards the boy side of the gender spectrum, there are plenty that would make great choices for girls, too. Bailey is a good example of a name that would work for either sex, and some of these would be creative choices for the new little girl in your life, such as Harper and Piper, and Sailor and Sawyer — and even more.

Whether you have experience working at a granary or just think Granger is a kick-ass name, let this hefty occupational baby name list inspire you as you look for the perfect moniker for your baby boy or girl.

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