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RHOC star is pregnant — against all odds!

Real Housewives of Orange County couple Meghan King Edmonds and hubby Jimmy are celebrating — they’re expecting a baby girl!

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“We’re expecting a perfect little bundle of sugar and spice and everything nice! Jimmy and I are over the moon!” 31-year-old Edmonds wrote on Instagram alongside a cute pic of the couple and their growing baby bump. “We are thrilled to bring our daughter into our perfectly imperfect blended family in time for the holidays!”

The “perfectly imperfect blended family” includes Jimmy’s children from previous marriages. The former baseball center fielder is already dad to Landon Edmonds, Lauren Edmonds, Hayley Edmonds and Sutton Edmonds.

The new baby will be the couple’s first child together, and getting to this point wasn’t a straightforward route. Jimmy, 45, had already had a vasectomy, but luckily he had frozen his sperm just in case he did want to be involved in any future baby-making. Edmonds used IVF, and although she said it wasn’t an easy process, she was fortunate enough to fall pregnant first time round.

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A vasectomy is great birth control (the most reliable method, in fact: 50 times more reliable than the birth control pill if done successfully), but it doesn’t have to rule out kids completely. If a couple (or a single guy, for that matter) isn’t absolutely sure they’re done having kids, freezing and banking the man’s sperm is an option.

Naturally it’s a lot more complicated than the usual method of conception, as it requires the woman to be artificially inseminated, and the quality of frozen sperm isn’t that of the fresh stuff. Still, it looks like Jimmy’s swimmers were up to the job — yay!

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Congratulations to the RHOC couple on the forthcoming addition to their perfectly imperfect blended family.

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