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Jill Duggar’s husband Derick just started his own pregnancy rumor — oops

It’s been a while since we’ve been treated to the three-ring internet circus that is a Duggar pregnancy. There was a time when it seemed that every week a new Duggar was announcing they were expecting an even newer Duggar soon, but since the family’s brush with scandal and the wrong kind of publicity, that’s all seemed to slow down significantly. It’s been a while.

Maybe that’s why people are so eager to get Jill Duggar pregnant again. Perhaps they’re jonesing for an hour-long TLC special with the kind of anticlimax only the Duggars can provide, because when Derick Dillard tweeted out a cryptic response to a fan, some people took it as seriously as a positive pregnancy test.

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Jill and husband Derick probably already have their hands full toting their 1-year-old son, Israel, around El Salvador. Plus, even someone as gung-ho about having babies as a member of the Duggar family would have to be nuts to not put a lot of extra thought into waiting out as long as Zika is so prevalent in South America. But Jill is a Duggar lady, and having babies is what Duggar ladies do, so people were quick to speculate on her uterus’s current status, common sense be damned:

Women — in case it’s not yet common knowledge — can do a great deal besides get pregnant. Like our male counterparts, we have all kinds of interests and projects and aspirations that extend beyond following the biological imperative to get it on and get knocked up. Yes, even Duggars do.

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Still, with the way we treat the notion of even the slightest possibility of pregnancy — especially when it comes to women in the public eye — no one could fault you for imagining that the process was on par with capturing a pygmy unicorn that farts rainbows and grants wishes. We’re so excited for women to be pregnant that we hope to use the sheer force of speculation to will them into the family way.

Take poor Jennifer Aniston, for instance. She’s been expecting a baby once a year for a few decades now, if the tabloids are to be believed. Obviously the woman has no children, as opposed to three or four dozen, so that turned out to be wild speculation. Her latest “miracle baby” was just an extra helping of tacos, probably, but the very hint of a low tummy bulge had people picking out names.

Not that being normal is any way to avoid testing positive for pregnancy via onlooker. Skip a glass of wine at a family reunion or retain a little water weight or make a little taco baby of your own, and you’re likely to be treated to the same rude speculation. Call it Duggar Baby Watch writ small.

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It’s practically a guarantee that once Derick and Jill decide to go forth and multiply, nothing short of the literal apocalypse will keep them from doing so. Then we’ll all be up to our eyeballs in a new generation of Duglets. Until then, we’ll all just have to wait.

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