Poor Maci Bookout didn't get the memo that moms aren't allowed to have fun

Jun 17, 2016 at 10:32 a.m. ET

Remember that chapter in the parenting books that tells you you can't go out without your baby for at least three years? Yeah, us neither.

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But there appears to be a book that a certain subsection of social media users have read that none of the rest of us know anything about — one that strictly forbids having any kind of social life or non-baby-related fun after the tot is born.

Feeling the heat for breaking this rule is Teen Mom Maci Bookout, who had a baby May 31. On June 16, she had a night out, and it wasn't long before the online branch of the Parenting Police were on her case.

You must be wondering what the public saw to cause such concern over the well-being of Bookout's baby, right? A picture of her snorting cocaine maybe, or being carried out of a nightclub in a drunken stupor?

Um, no — it was a tweet with a microphone emoji.


Bookout went to a local gig with some friends. On what planet is this actually wrong? Should she have taken her baby to the concert? Boy, just imagine the backlash if she had if this is the kind of stuff people say to her venturing out without the kids: 

"Didn’t you just have your third kid 2 weeks ago?? Stay home. Parent."

"She only had babies to lock down a husband. No care at all toward them."

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Some users used it as an opportunity to criticize Bookout's behavior during her pregnancy, accusing her of drinking beer while she was expecting. Those people must have blown a gasket when they saw the mom of three's latest Instagram post.

Brace yourselves... it's a picture of a beer. Two beers, in fact. But cool your jets, all ye people who judge — one was for her fiancé, Taylor McKinney.


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Some might say that, as a reality TV star who's shared many controversial moments with the public, Bookout should expect a certain level of criticism about how she lives her life. Fair enough. One of the main criteria of reality TV is that it gets viewers riled up, and everyone has the right to an opinion.

But when it comes to a mom having a child-free night out with friends or a beer with her fiancé, keep your opinions to yourself.

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