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An eighth-grader just won the internet with his graduation speech

Politics are always so dire. Especially during an election year, the stakes can seem so impossibly high that the entire process can take a macabre and humorless turn as the language we use to voice our opinions becomes more and more hyperbolic and grave. In truth, the political circus is positively ridiculous, and there are times when you just have to take a step back and laugh.

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If you’re having trouble with that, then we would like to give you a gift this morning — a hysterical video of an eighth-grade student’s graduation speech, where the matriculating middle schooler does impressions of five familiar public figures. It’s seriously the funniest thing we’ve seen in a while.
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The kid in the video, who clearly has a bright future ahead of him in some sort of career in the entertainment field, starts out as a mini The Donald, extolling the virtues of the school’s foreign language program: “Fantastic, by the way. Muy, muy fantastico!”

From there, without missing a beat, he morphs into a home ec-praising Ted Cruz; rattles off a quick homage to the physical education teacher as President Obama; gives an enthusiastic Hillary Clinton shout-out to the rest of the teachers; and ends it all as Bernie Sanders making the case for free cinnamon buns at lunchtime.

It is truly, truly something to behold. This kid nails the cadence and mannerisms of the country’s foremost orators and bloviators in a way that manages to be spot on and never disrespectful. Plus, it’s just so delightfully middle school, dotted here and there with “remember whens” and in-jokes. Adorable.

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The video cuts off before this future comedian gets the standing ovation referenced in the video’s description, but we can see why his shtick was such a hit. It’s nice to see something go viral not for negative reasons or at the behest of a team of marketers, but because it just makes people feel good.

One thing is definitely clear: This kid is going to be absolutely untouchable as a freshman (who would risk having him impersonate them?) and will probably make a great comedian someday. He certainly had us in stitches!

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